Gridspan Corporation is a General Construction and Project management company specialised in integrating, establishing & providing e-business to various commodities in the Construction Industry. A platform, where the needs of the General contractor, Subcontractor, Vendor are made available, by establishing a supply chain using e-commerce.


Gridspan provides services in General construction, including Plumbing, HVAC and electrical trades in the construction industry.  We are involved in planning, estimating, Design, project management, Job Order Contracting and Simplified acquisition based Engineering requirements for various government agencies.


Our growth and success is due to experienced management in construction and contacts bridged with a large pool of clients over the years. We are proud of our reputation in delivering highest level of service, from the benefits of our technical expertise and outstanding attention to the customer needs. 


Today's clients want solutions to their construction needs, so we evaluate where we can add value, and tailor a cost effective solution to fit. To achieve this, we encourage every person in the business to think beyond the immediate opportunity and more broadly than the standard product offering. Increasingly, our key clients require a single point of contact, so we have developed a client-centric management approach, which ensures consistent and cohesive services.